Weather Girl Faye strips and declares national Wank Holiday

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This is by far one of the best updates from Wank It Now. Not only is Faye absolutely gorgeous in her little black dress but she nails the role perfectly plating the dirty weather girl and news presenter declaring nothing other than a national wank holiday because it’s just so damn hot. She removes all her clothes, first her top  and then her bra to show her perfect little boobies and then it’s off with the skirt and we see her pretty silk undies which she tugs down to her feet. She’s still presenting her weather report even though she’s standing totally nude, shaved pussy exposed and her panties around her high heels. Some girls love watching guys wank and some like telling guys how to wank like the girls on Wank It now.

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Mischievous masseuse massages cock with her mouth

Here are a few photos from Lucia Love’s gallery at

Lucia Love is a sexy brunette with large tits, a curvy figure, a shaven pussy and a large perky arse for you to take a look at and enjoy. She is the definition of a sex goddess because she is so god damn hot and when her horny devil is released, she has no limits on what she will do. Lucia Love is a well known model which everyone loves because she is so flawless and so god damn hot.

The video below is a preview from Wank It Now and it it Lucia Love’s ‘Deep throat Therapy’ video and it is all POV porn. For those of you who are not too sure an what POV means, it is basically from your point of view so instead of the camera showing both the model and the stud, it shows the model from the studs point of view and the model talks to the camera like she is talking to you rather than naming the stud, this is so that it is more of an arousing and personal experience, it also makes it more enjoyable to watch because it is like you are there with the model and makes it so that you can imagine her sucking your knob and fucking you even more.

The video below is based on you being the star player of your college football and it has been a tough year so your coach has organised for you to have a full body massage to loosen up a little and as a reward for being such an excellent player in the team, little does anyone know that this masseuse is no ordinary masseuse but she is a horny devil. Lucia Love is your masseuse and she meets you in the lockers after your game whilst you are cooling down and getting changed. She tells you that she is going to give you a full body massage but her main focus is your cock. She loves massaging dick with her mouth and begins stripping and sucking on your huge sword like cock like it is a lolly pop. You can find the full video at Wank It Now.

I have got to admit that Wank It Now is the best site out there on the Internet especially because you can find tons of super sexy sluts and all of their videos and photo galleries in high definition with great resolution making them crystal clear. There are also multiple daily updates and new models uploading their content onto the site meaning that it is one of the fastest growing site on the Internet.

Naughty college girl lets us perv down her blouse

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What I have hear is a gorgeous college girl who actually gets herself off on the fact that guys peek down her blouse. Jayne loves teasing men with her perky breasts and flirt ways. She rarely fucks them preferring tease and denial she will go home and masturbate over the thoughts of men wanking their cocks for her, lusting to smell the sex of her pussy and drooling over to taste her sweet sugar walls. She goes to college with a loose blouse on, she doesn’t even wear a bra because she wants them to see her erect nipples and small breasts. She had no problem letting the DownBlouseJerk boys film her naked breasts.

To make herself even more desirable than she already is she’s wearing her pleated college girl skirt, socks and trainers. I wonder is she’s wearing any panties under that skirt?

Ever being above a woman and caught a glimpse down her blouse? Maybe you saw her sexy bra cupping her firm breast or maybe you was lucky enough to see her aurora. I’ve been lucky on a few occasions. One time was with my teacher, like 20 years older then me, her top button was undone and I accidentally glanced down and saw her tanned bra hugging her firm olive skinned breasts. I was wanking for 6 months. Still in my bank now.  Looking back now, I’m pretty sure she done it on purpose. Top button of her blouse undone and open enough for me to see down it, come on, she wanted me to see! She be like 60 odd now though but I’d probably still fuck here.

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All natural red head admits that her sexy knickers are wet during our chat

The gorgeous Kloe Kane in a pink tennis skirt bares her nude cunt in this photo set from UK Teaze.

I fucking love red heads, Kloe Kane who you see above is one of my favouite, I love her curvy body, pretty face but most of all I love her pussy! Last night however, I found a gorgeous cam girl who goes by the name RedJane. This RedJane is an all-natural beauty who just loves getting down and dirty. She knew from an early age that she loved to fuck and be fucked. So that’s what makes her a perfect cam girl. She stood out from all the other cam girls on by a mile, not just because of her long red hair but because she was just simply sexy, she radiated sex. She can log on whenever she wants, see as many partners as want to see her, and have as much amazing sex as she can handle in a single sitting. And boy, can this fiery redhead handle a lot of sex in one sitting. Sometimes she just sits in front of the cam practicing her deep throat on her various dildos. She’s got quite the collection of toys, and since they all keep her happy she figures she should keep them happy too. She is a skilled blower and can get those dildos deep inside of her sweet little throat.

She loves to show off her perky tits and keep the whole cam session light and sexy. She doesn’t get too heavy in her videos. Which isn’t to say they aren’t steamy; she’s incredibly fucking hot and she’s down to do just about anything. She just doesn’t believe that it needs to be so serious all the time. She knows you come to unwind with her, and that, at the end of the day, you really just love sex, too. Truthfully lads, if you want to have a good wank with some real amateur sluts that could quite literally live on your estate then check out, all the shows are genuine live porn streamed from t he girls bedrooms! So she wants to get rid of all the junk and get straight to the sex part in her shows, which to her means the fun parts! If you’re looking for a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but can still deep throat the shit out of a big hard dildo, this is the perfect cam girl for you. So what are you waiting for? Check out her cam tonight and fall in love with this beautiful sex crazy redhead!

Elouise gives you 3 minutes to wank your cock and cum for her

I love  Wank It Now, it has some of the hottest UK talent doing their best to make you cum. This week it Miss Elousie a college tutor and part time Jerk Off tutor. She wants to teach you how to wank your cock the way it should be done and then she’ll give you 3 minutes to wank and cum. Of course, she will do a everything in her power to make you cum.

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Here are some pictures of Elouise toying her gorgeous tattoo covered body doing her best to make you cum while trying not to cum to soon herself!

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Page 3 babe Lacey Banghard in black shorts goes full nude

Lacey is by far one of the hottest British Babes doing the circuit right now. She’s pretty – stunning in fact, petite with olive skin and dark eyes. Here she is posing in a black bikini and going full nude. On her web site she has some fabulous high definition videos.

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Horny blonde kinky cam slut gone wild


FameGirl the first girl that showed me her body while she was taking a shower! This amazing British blonde cutie is model on cam contacts and Last time when I was talking to her I convinced her to take a shower with her web cam turned on! And believe it or not, she did it. Lucky me And not that I could see her perky boobs and her fine white ass that I would love to drill. She also played with her shaved pink pussy and right before she was about to cum she put a jet of warm water on her kitten and just enjoyed! This girl really knows what it takes to turn the guy on – so don’t hesitate and check her out now!

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Like your glamour babes with a bad side? Then boy do I have a treat for you. Guys say hello to 0BadAngel glamour girl by day bad slut by night. 0BadAngel is fairly new to the webcam world and is already whipping up a frenzy with her striking looks and bad ass attitude and I would say she’s every mans fantasy, 0BadAngel is live every night so if you want to come watch her strip and fuck herself then join her for X rated instant fun. Everything is game here with 0BadAngel so if you fancy watching her strip & dance, get her to dress up in her slutty uniforms and watch her bang that tight soaking wet pussy then make sure you request it at the start of the show.