DommeINNA offering switch cam relationship


What would you think of a name like DommeINNA? Is she Dominant? Does she want to be Dominated? When I bounced into her room she was wearing all black which made me think even more that maybe she liked to be on one side of a dominant/submissive relationship, so I asked. The laughter which lit up her room was fantastic. Her answer was even better. She said, “You tie me up tonight, I’ll tie you up tomorrow night.”Now that is the kind of woman you can have fun with.We kept joking with each other about who was going to be dominant today as we started to play Cam2Cam. I demanded she take her clothes off at almost the same moment she gave me the same order. We both obeyed. I ordered her to masturbate until she came. She ordered me to do the same. After that I was too mesmerized watching her to give any more orders. I uttered a few suggestions like “Let me see your ass”, but what she was doing with her fingers and sex toys did not need to be changed. She knew how to make me as hot as fire and was driving herself towards a ripping orgasm. She issued only one more order to me. She yelled, “Get ready to cum I’m almost there” and then she squirmed, twisted, and rolled as her orgasm rolled through her body. The sound and sight of her orgasm was more than I could take. This is a woman who knows how to play.