Ashley Jayne wants you to look up her skirt and focus on her panties

You’ve been having a lot of problems with your studies at school with your attention span so the school has called in specialist Ashley Jayne to help you with your problem. Thing is, Ashley has a very interesting way to help you and that’s by getting you to focus on her panties for as long as you can and don’t let anything distract you. You can’t believe your luck because Ashley is the fittest teacher you’ve ever seen and she’s telling you that you must look at her sexy little ass and pussy for as long as possible. You can already feel your cock twitching but now you’re worried that you’re going to get hard and Ashley will see you excited.

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She’s wearing a sexy little black slip, stockings and you can’t miss her blue laced panties. Your eyes are locked in her ass and pussy just as Miss Ashley wanted but now you have a bulge in your trousers and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Ashley can see you’re excited and tells you that it’s OK to get your cock out and have a wank as long as you focus on her panties. To help you cum quicker she offers a little more wank encouragement by sitting on the desk and opening her legs. You can see her pussy through her panties and it makes you stroke your cock harder. You feel a bit embarrassed standing there with your trousers pulled down wanking your cock but she did say it was OK.

You ask Ashley if it’s OK to cum on the floor and she tells you of course it is and that she really quite curious to see how much you cum you can make from you big balls. Just then you feel your cock shaft flex and you start to spunk up everywhere making a mess all over yourself and the class floor.

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