Your mate’s girlfriend Ashley Jayne cleaning the bath in a short dress

Your best mate’s girlfriend isĀ  the well known model Ashley Jayne and for ages you’ve fancied the pants off her, spending night after night wanking your cock sore thinking of her.

When you go over to your mates house for a few bears he’s already gone to the shop so you let yourself in and upstairs you can hear Ashley. You head up stairs and see that she’s cleaning the bathroom wearing a tiny dress, you can see her knickers and cute little ass. You watch for a while, adoring the view and your cock starts twitching.

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You tap the door and let Ashley know you’re there. Rather than be shocked she turns around and sits on the bathtub rubbing her long legs. She can see the bulge in your pants and decides to go along with it. Showing you her little ass, encouraging you to have a quick wan before her boyfriend comes home.

You unzip your jeans and let them fall to the floor and get your hard cock out and start wanking it, slowly at first but when Ashley tugs her knickers down and you see her shaved pussy you furiously start wanking. Within seconds you start to shoot 3 days worth of cum all over her spotless bathroom floor.

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